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Learn Golf

Come and give our great sport a try! Not only will you get healthy and fill up on fresh air without breaking a sweat...but you'll also meet new people with this wonderfully social sport!

What do I need?
Nothing...well almost nothing, just turn up in flat shoes and we'll take care of everything for you. When you sign up to one of our 4 week courses you get a free golf club so you can continue practicing in between lessons if you wish.

How much are lessons?
£39.99 for a 4 week course at one of our 26 golf clubs. You'll attend 4 x 1 hour group lessons. Each club's timetable varies.

Do I need any experience?

None at all. We do offer 3 levels of courses so both beginners and improvers can benefit from attending these courses.

Will I be expected to wear plus fours?
Absolutely not! Golf has modernised a lot in recent years to be far more inviting and accessible. Anyone is welcome and you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We generally suggest shorts or trousers depending on the weather and a polo shirt or t-shirt with trainers or flat shoes.

What do I do next?
Fill out the form below with your club of choice and they'll contact you to get started however you can go direct to the club. You can find all contact details if you CLICK HERE.

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