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Flexible Golf Membership

Bag yourself a flexible golf membership for just £245!

FreedomPlay is our flexible golf membership whereby you buy credits and exchange them for rounds of golf. This style of flexible golf membership can provide up to 50 rounds of golf for just £50. That's right, buy credit bundles for just £50 and book tee times that suit your lifestyle! Rounds can cost as little as £5.

Freedom Play is the ideal golf membership if you enjoy belonging to a club and want to compete in competitions but don’t play enough golf to get the most out of a full 5 or 7 day membership.

A summary for you...


  • Full membership costs £245 plus compulsory credit bundle of £50
  • Rounds start from 5 credits
  • You can top up 250 credits for just £50
  • Winter and Summer have different credit timetables
  • Access to home club competitions
  • Discounted green fees at other Crown Golf Courses
  • Pyrford Golf Club offer Freedom Play for £595 with 1900 credits
  • Terms and Conditions Apply

Call us now on 01276 673000 or fill in the contact form below for more information.

To find the Freedom Play Credits Timetable for each club please visit individual sites.

*Full membership costs from £245 plus minimum credit bundle of £50; Pyrford Golf Club offer Freedom Play for £595 with 1900 credits; Terms & Conditions apply.

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